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Caves cleaned thanks to partnership

Caves and their environment across the Ingleborough area have been conserved thanks to a partnership between cavers, volunteers and Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust (YDMT). Close to 30 projects have been completed, including graffiti cleaning at Katnot Cave, scrap removal from... View Article

Helping our team to shine

Over the past two years, The Rank Foundation have supported what we do at YDMT, developing our capacity as an organisation and helping us to support the people, landscape and wildlife of the Yorkshire Dales through the Covid pandemic. Most... View Article

Why you should go peat free

Peatlands are hugely important wetland ecosystems which provide a habitat for a range of unique plants and animals specially adapted to the waterlogged, acidic conditions. They also sequester large amounts of carbon in the form of peat, help to mitigate... View Article