What is the B Corp movement and how can your business benefit?

December 6, 2022

We talked to Timetastic CEO Gary Bury about how becoming a B Corp certified organisation has had an impact right across their business, and how a partnership with Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust supports their commitment…


Q. What is the B Corp movement?

The B Corp movement is about making business a force for good. It’s about building sustainable businesses that work for society, rather than a model that’s purely focused on profits for the shareholders. It’s not charitable, we do make profits, but we’re also focused on our societal and environmental impact.

Q. Why was the B Corp model the right pathway for your business?

We’d been looking around for some time, discussing the general model of a for-profit company. In the main because the ethos of shareholder value above all else never sat comfortably with us, there are other things to consider: our customers, our employees, the environment, the society in which we operate. I guess we were looking for a different model, a different legal structure that’s inherently more ethical.

B Corp has both a better legal structure that requires us to consider those other stakeholders, and a way to benchmark ourselves. And the scoring system is detailed and extensive – within it there’s lots of great ideas and ways to improve.

Q. How challenging was the B Corp certification process?

It’s certainly challenging, and it should be. But each business will be different, it depends on your starting point. We upgraded a lot of policies and procedures, particularly regarding employee contracts, benefits, and communication. We switched banks, joined 1% for the planet, found charity partners. Quite a long list, but worth it.

Q. What have been the benefits of becoming B Corp certified to you as a business?

Becoming a B Corp has an effect right across your business, you become a better place to work, a nicer organization to deal with, more aware of your impact on other stakeholders – employees, customers, suppliers. You make better choices in who you work with.

Our last two employees came to us in part because of our B Corp status. People do genuinely want to work for more ethical organisations. I don’t think anyone would expect us to publish every policy, procedure, and activity we do at Timetastic, so having that B Corp badge is an excellent way to show the outside world that we do care. That we do live up to a higher standard.

Q. How has becoming a B Corp impacted your company culture?

I can’t say that it’s specifically changed our culture. In many respects we always felt like a B Corp, that’s what drew us to the standard in the first place.

Q. What advice would you offer other companies that are thinking about becoming a B Corp?

Do it!

The great thing is anyone can register and do an initial impact assessment, you don’t have to commit to the full standard, just use the self-assessment as a way to inform yourself, benchmark your business. It’ll take a few hours, perhaps even a few sittings to run through all the questions. In doing so you’ll answer a lot of thought-provoking questions, even if you never progress beyond that self-assessment, you’ll definitely be left thinking hard, and perhaps making some changes for the better.

Q. How will supporting YDMT help you meet your B Corp objectives?

We’ve been expanding our thinking on climate change, initially we focused on tree planting, but there’s a lot more to this climate crisis than a lack of trees. The good thing about partnering with YDMT is we’re now supporting a broader spectrum of work in order address the climate and biodiversity crises as interconnected issues, and at the same time raising awareness and supporting people and communities.

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