Christa joins the Hay Time team

January 22, 2010

In December (and just in time for the great white out) we welcomed a new member to the YDMT team. Christa Perry came all the way from Cambridge to become a Hay Time Officer with the Trust. Christa says “since moving up from Cambridge I’m really looking forward to actually seeing some meadows when not covered by snow! I can’t wait to get out and put places to names.”

Previously Christa worked for the Wildlife Trust as their Wildlife Sites Officer. She comes with loads of experience of working with landowners and managers to help manage their County Wildlife Sites and also ran a local seed initiative helping to restore lowland meadows. Prior to that Christa worked for the City of London as a horseback forest keeper in Epping Forest, and as you’ll see from the photo, she’s still quite good with horses!

Christa in action