Creating beautiful living spaces for people and nature

August 19, 2019

Skipton Properties has been creating beautiful homes for over 30 years. The business has now teamed up with YDMT to support natural spaces too, with a mission to plant 250 new trees in Yorkshire.

We met with sisters Sarah, Managing Director, and Caroline, Sales, Design and Marketing Director, to chat about our partnership…

Sarah and Caroline from Skipton Properties

Sarah (left) and Caroline from Skipton Properties

Tell us a bit more about Skipton Properties

We’re an award-winning family-owned-and-run developer, with over 30 years’ experience in creating unique homes. Our father Brian founded Skipton Properties back in 1986, after being disappointed with the quality of house building at the time. He wanted to bring together skilled craftsmen to create beautiful homes, and this continues through to today.

We ensure the highest possible standards throughout the construction process, and the end product is always top quality homes that our customers are excited to move into.

Skipton Properties headquarters are in Keighley, but we build our homes across Yorkshire and Lancashire. We currently have a 95-strong team of long-serving craftsmen and site managers working on bespoke developments in the different regions.

We’re particularly skilled at bringing derelict land back to life, and creating a real community through our properties. We’re always on the lookout for an area we can breathe life into, so it can remain part of the local landscape for future generations. Our mission is to create beautiful homes that work with the natural rhythm of their surroundings, fusing traditional values and craftsmanship with modern-day living.

What are the current challenges you’re facing with property development in this area?

Nothing we can’t handle! We’re totally focused on creating distinctive homes that blend seamlessly with their natural environment, so each development is bespoke to that area and we really take the time to get to know the land and its history. Every home is developed using sustainable building methods and all are designed to be as energy-efficient as possible. It’s a challenge, but we deliver every single time and never cut corners or compromise on quality.

Why did you get involved with tree planting in Yorkshire?

As a traditional family business, with strong heritage values, we’re really excited about supporting YDMT and their vital work. Together we wanted to plant hundreds of trees in order to connect more people with the natural world and motivate people to get out into the countryside to improve wellbeing and learn new skills. Of course, we also appreciate the positive impact trees have on the environment.

Is there anything else you’re working on to reduce the impact your work has on the environment?

We pride ourselves on bringing brownfield land back to life. When building on greenfield land however, we always work with arboculturalists to ensure we don’t impact existing trees. We wanted to go one step further than this and further reduce our environmental impact by planting more new native broadleaf trees.

We reduce and recycle waste as much as possible too.

We’re also aware of the potential impact house building can have on communities. We give back to the communities we build in by donating to various community organisations through our Community Grants Scheme, offering £1,000 a month to local charities and causes. We’ve kept community centre doors open, bought books for schools and much, much more.

What has the partnership involved so far?

Together the partnership has seen press coverage and has been really popular on our social media.

We’ve also developed an information sheet on the partnership to share with all our new home owners. We hope this will encourage them to get out and visit the trees they’ve helped to plant.

You recently joined us at Howgill Side, how was your day out with YDMT?

We loved getting involved in some of the actual tree planting back in April, as we planted the first 25 of the 250 trees that we’re supporting.

We’re really excited about encouraging more of our staff to get involved in tree planting later this year. It will give our team the chance to get out of the office for a day whilst providing a rewarding experience which has a real difference on their local area.

Tree planting in the Yorkshire Dales

What’s your favourite tree?

A weeping willow. There’s something really romantic about them!

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