Woodland Open Days

June 29, 2011

Yesterday we held an open day offering you the opportunity to visit Lamberts Wood – our newly planted supporter woodland at Aysgarth.

Planted in March 2009, Lamberts Wood covers an area of 1.5 hectares, split across three areas.  A total of 1625 native broadleaf trees have been planted, approximately 40% Hazel, 20% Ash, 10% Hawthorn, 10% Bird Cherry, 5% Blackthron, 5% Holly, 5% Rowan and 5% Sessile Oak.

Admiring the young saplings

As well as being native to the area, Hazel trees provide an excellent food source for native dormice.  Due to the near extinction of dormice, a re-introduction project started in 2008 in an ajacent woodland (Freeholders Wood) with 35 captive dormice being released.  The project has proved to be very successful; a count 1 year later found the population had grown to 58 dormice.  It is hoped that the planting of Lamberts Wood will help support the increasing dormouse population.  You can find out more about the woodland on our website.

Thanks to everyone that joined us yesterday – it was great to meet you and have a good chat.  We hope you enjoyed it.

One day this tree will cast a lovely dappled shade for suny days like this one

Don’t worry if you missed it – we’ll be there from 10am until 4pm this Saturday 2nd July.  It’s a chance for you to see this  young woodland for yourself, meet the team, and learn more about YDMT’s woodland regeneration project.

If you’re thinking of joining us on Saturday, please email or call us for directions: e: info@ydmt.org or call 015242 51002.

New native broadleaf tree

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