Together for trees with Yorkshire’s green distillery

June 5, 2019

It’s been a year since we first met Chris and Abbie, once a scientist and architect, who are now the co-founders of Cooper King Distillery.

Our partnership with Cooper King grew from Chris and Abbie’s desire to build a business based on sustainability. As part of this aim Cooper King support our work to plant native broadleaf trees across the Yorkshire Dales. Helping to create wildlife habitats, reduce flooding and promote health and wellbeing.

Every bottle of Cooper King Dry Gin sold is making a positive impact on our planet. In the first year of our partnership the company has donated an incredible £4,600. This has supported the planting of 460 new trees, beating Cooper King’s own target of 400.

Tree planting in the Yorkshire Dales with Chris from Cooper King Distillery

Chris joins woodland officer Carol to plant trees in Grassington

To celebrate the one year gin-versary of the release of their first gin we talked to Chris and Abbie about their partnership with YDMT…

Can you tell us a little more about how Cooper King Distillery was born?

A few years ago, we decided to pack in our jobs, grab our backpacks and head out for the adventure of a lifetime to Australia – from this adventure, Cooper King Distillery was born. While away, we were lucky to visit, work and live in some of the world’s most beautiful places. We want these places to stay beautiful for future generations and so we built our business on the basis of sustainability – environmentally, financially, and socially.

What first made you want to support YDMT with tree planting?

It’s difficult to ignore increasing messages about the state of our planet and as a business we take a commitment to sustainability seriously. We’re proud to have built the distillery ourselves, learning how to make it as environmentally-friendly as possible, using recycled materials and local suppliers as much as possible. We wanted to work with a charity which shares our passion in preserving our beautiful natural landscapes and reducing our carbon footprint… YDMT was a great match.

How have you found the partnership this year? (benefits for Cooper King, attendance at events etc?)

As a small start-up company, we’re delighted to have donated enough to plant more than 400 trees so far, and are excited to plant more in 2019 and beyond. 

What are your hopes for our partnership going forward?

Cooper King Distillery is the only one in Europe to have forged the partnership with YDMT as part of global initiative ‘1% for the Planet.’ In fact, we go beyond our annual commitment, donating 2.5% to help YDMT make a positive impact in the local community. We’re really proud of this and hope to continue this in to the future.
This year, we hope to get involved in guided woodland walks, and involve some of our customers with this. Further plans also include the production of a bespoke spirit using wildflowers grown in meadows which are created and protected by the trust.

A huge thank you from all of us here at YDMT to Abbie and Chris and the team at Cooper King Distillery. Donations from Cooper King Distillery support our Together for Trees appeal, through which we aim to plant 100,000 trees in two years, creating beautiful woodlands that everyone can enjoy.

Get in touch today to find out how you can partner with us to support the people, landscape and wildlife of the Yorkshire Dales, and motivate and engage your team. Give us a call on 015242 51002 or email